Jun 2012

Saphira Elouise Janga : Miss Bonaire 2012/13

Saphira Janga,Miss Bonaire 2012/13

Saphira Elouise Janga has been crowned “Miss Bonaire 2012/13” by Ana Maciel (Miss World Bonaire 2012) at the grand finale of Miss Bonaire beauty pageant at the Flamingo Runway Retreat in Kralendijk on Saturday, 2nd June, 2012.

Saphira Janga crowned Miss Bonaire 2012/13

Saphira Elouise will paint Bonaire in 63rd edition of Miss World beauty pageant, Miss World 2013 in Bali, Indonesia.

Miss Bonaire 2012/13 Winner

Saphira Elouise Janga’s Profile & Photo Gallery :

Saphira Elouise Janga's biography,Saphira Janga's profile,Saphira Janga's biodata

Saphira Janga’s birth date is 19th August, 1990. She is 22 years old and 178 cm told. Her home town is Kralendijk, Bonaire. She is graduated from SGB. Saphira has won the Miss World Bonaire 2013 title.

Saphira Elouise Janga in bikini

Saphira Elouise Janga in swimsuit

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