Apr 2013

Sancler Frantz wins Miss World Brazil 2013 title

A beauty from Lobos Island, Sancler Frantz has been crowned Miss World Brazil 2013 (Miss Mundo Brazil 2013) by last year winner Mariana Notarangelo and Wenxia Yu (Miss World 2012 title winner) at the grand finale of Miss Mundo Brazil 2013 beauty contest which was held at the Portobelo & Safari Resort in Mangalore, Rio De Janeiro on Saturday night of 6th April, 2013.

Sancler Frantz,Miss World Brazil 2013

Sancler Frantz will represent Brazil at the 63rd edition of Miss World beauty contest. 37 beatuy contestants competed for the title Miss World Brazil 2013.

Miss Mundo Brazil 2013,Sancler Frantz

Wenxia Yu : Sancler Frantz : Mariana Notarangelo

After crowning Sancler Frantz said, “I want to thank God and everyone that helped me get here. I’m Not disappointed, I will show that the Brazilian woman has claw and posture and I will bring to Brazil the title of Miss World.”

Sancler Frantz’s Biography & Photographs :

Sancler Frantz's Biography,Sancler Frantz's Profile

Sancler Frantz’s birth date is 9th April, 1991. Her birth place is Arroyo Tiger, RS. Sancler Frantz is 21 years old and 176 cm told. Her eye color is Brown and hair color is Bay. She is a representative of Lobos Island. She knows English. Sancler Frantz is a Model and a TV representer. Her favourite color is Navy, Favourite movie is The Devil Wears Prada and her favourite sports is Football. Sancler’s favourite food is Barbecue and favourite drink is Chimarrao.
Sancler Frantz describes herself as : “I am a determined person, who was never afraid to go after your goals, honoring its commitments and not forgotten its roots ever! Cheerful, very friendly, always seeking new knowledge and willing to do good.”

Sancler Frantz in Bikini

Sancler Frantz in Swimwear

Sancler Frantz in Swimsuit

Sancler Frantz Konzen

Miss World Brazil 2013 Result :

Thainara Latenik,Raquel Benetti

Wenxia Yu : Thainara Latenik : Sancler Frantz Konzen : Raquel Benetti : Mariana Notarangelo

Sancler Frantz has won the Miss World Brasil 2013 award. Raquel Benetti from Holy Spirit has gone on Second Place and Thainara Latenik from Santa Catarina has won the Third place. Priscilla Durand from Alagoas, Gabriele Marinho from Rio de Janeiro and Luciane Escouto from Rio Grande do Sul were other finalists.

Miss Mundo Brazil 2013 Special Awards :

Sancler Frantz Konzen from Lobos Island has won the More Beautiful Smile title. Miss Ilha Grande, Gabrielle Vilela has won the Miss Sport title. Thainara Latenik from Santa Catarina has won the Beauty with a Purpose, Miss Talent and Beach Beauty title which was announced by Julia Morley (the CEO of Miss World). Miss Amazon, Priscilla Rebelo has won the Miss Multimedia award. Priscilla Durand from Alagoas has won the More Beautiful Skin title.

Miss World Brazil 2013 Jury Panel :

A very big jury panel for judging a representative of Brazil at the Miss World 2013. 18 honorable judges are in Jury panel of Miss World Brazil 2013 beauty contest.
Wen Xia Yu who is Miss World 2012 title winner, Kamilla Salgado who is Miss World Brazil 2010 title winner, Regiane Andrade who is Miss World Brazil 2007 title winner, Joao Ricardo Dias who is a Director of Miss Brazil on Board, Luiz Roberto Kauffmann who is a CO-Director of Miss World Brazil, Alberto Dubal, Bruno Chateaubriand, Manuel Barrios, Marcia Verissimo, Claudia Romano, Alexander Gonzales (a Vanezuelan Image consultant), a Director of Portobello Resort an Safari Daniel Pompey, Elaine Henry, Fabricio Bervian, Mr. Anthony Monaco, Julian Crema, Alice Escavelo and a Model Vanessa Oliveira.

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