Feb 2013

Miss Israel 2013 Winner

The First Ethiopian-born beauty, Yityish Aynaw has been crowned Miss Israel 2013 at the grand finale of Miss Israel beauty contest at the International Convention Center in Haifa on grand coronation night of Wednesday, 27th February, 2013.

Miss Israel 2013,Yityish Aynaw,Miss World Israel 2013

Yityish Aynaw will represent Israel at the 63rd edition of Miss World 2013 beauty contest. Miss World 2013 beauty contest will take place at the Sentul International Convention Center, Indonesia on 20th September, 2013. Wen Xia Yu (Miss World 2012 title Winner) will crown her successor.

Yityish Aynaw’s Biography :

Yityish Aynaw

Yityish Aynaw is 21 years old and 182 cm told. Yityish’s hometown is Netanya. Itayes is a director of a shoe store. She wants to become a Model to change attitudes to dark-skinned models and also the first Israeli host, the Tyra Banks of Israel. Yityish is inspired by Martin Luther King. She likes Injera and Yemenite soup.

Miss Israel 2013 Top 5 Beauties :

Miss Israel 2013 Winner

Yityish Aynaw has won the Israel Queen of Beauty title or Miss World Israel 2013 title.

Bar Hefer has won the Israel Maiden of Beauty title or Miss Universe Israel 2013 title.

Sabina Yusupova has won the Israel Queen of Grace title. Sabina is 20 years old and 183 cm told. She is a soldier. Her hometown is Bat Yam. Sabina likes to dance. She wants to be a fashion designer.

Hila balilty has won the Israel Teen Queen title. Hila is 18 years old and 179 cm told. Her hometown is Ashdod. Bality is a sports store shift manager. Bar Refaeli is her Role model.

Ophir Qafih is the Fifth finalists. Ophir is 18 years old and 178 cm told. She is a hostess at the restaurant. Robin Sharma is her Role model. Couscous and promotion is her favourite dish. She likes sports.

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