Jul 2012

Melissa Paredes : Miss Peru World 2013

After criticism for a dental floss and a ribbit’s tail photographs and also about her participation in Miss Colita Window 2011, Melissa Paredes has been given back her Miss Peru World 2013 title on 6th July, 2012. Now Elba Fahsbender is the new Miss Peru World 2013 title holder.

Melissa said that, “I’m not a showgirl and a dancer, I have nothing against those jobs. I’m Melissa Paredes, a woman who works to raise her family and I want Peru to know me. But I also want to announce that I give up my crown.”

She also told, “That’s my decision. I don’t think you need a crown to be somebody. My family is affected by criticism, for them and for me, I resign the crown, because I am a woman who knows how to value and nobody has a right to criticize me for photos or my work as a model.”

Melissa Paredes has been crowned Miss Peru World 2013 at the grand finale of Miss Peru 2012 beauty pageant which was held at the Real Felipe Fortress Convention Center, in Callao, Peru on Saturday night of 30th June, 2012.


Melissa Paredes’s Profile & Photo Gallery :

Melissa Paredes is 20 years old and 172 cm told. Her home town is Callao, Peru. Melissa resigns the crown Miss Peru World 2013.

Melissa Paredes Bikini

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