Mar 2013

Lucie Kovandova wins Miss World Czech Republic 2013

Lucie Kovandova has been crowned Miss World Czech Republic 2013 at the 9th edition of Miss Ceska beauty contest at the Karlin Musical Theatre on Saturday night of 23rd March, 2013.

Lucie Kovandova,Miss World Czech Republic 2013

Lucie Kovandova will paint Czech Republic at the world’s most famous and prestigious beauty contest, Miss World. Miss World 2013 will be the 63rd edition of Miss World beauty contest where Chines beauty Wenxia Yu will crown her successor at the Sentul International Convention Center, Indonesia on the Saturday night of 28th September, 2013.

Lucie Kovandova’s Biography & Photo Gallery :

Lucie Kovandova's Biography

Lucie’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. Lucie is 19 years old and 176 cm told. Her hometown is Dolni Kounice. She is a student of Business Academy and majoring in Speech therapy. Lucie’s hobbies are sports, music, dance and photography. Lucie’s personal motto is that smiling everything goes better.

Lucie Kovandova in Bikini

Lucie Kovandova in Swimsuit

Lucie Swimsuit

Lucie Kovandova in Swimwear

Miss Ceska Miss Talent Contest

Miss Ceska 2013 Winners :

Miss Ceska

Gabriela Kratochvilova from Highlands has won the Miss Ceska 2013 (Miss Universe Czech Republic 2013) title. Monika Leova from Prague has won the Miss Earth Czech Republic 2013 title. Lucie Kovandova from Dolni Kounice has won the Miss World Czech Republic 2013 title.

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