Feb 2012

Miss World 2012 Contestants in Bikini

Miss World 2012 is the 62nd edition of Miss World beauty pageant which will be held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China on 18th August, 2012.

Ivian Sarcos : Miss World 2011 Winner

Ivian Sarcos bikini,Ivian Sarcos swimwear,Ivian Sarcos swimsuit

Miss World 2011 winner is a Venezuelan beauty Ivian Sarcos who is 21 years old and 179 cm tall. Ivian Sarcos gave her country its sixth title as Miss World, becoming the country which has earned the title most times.

Ivian will crown her successor at the end of the beauty pageant.

Miss World 2012 Contestants in Bikini

Angola : Edmilza Santos
Edmilza Santos bikini,Edmilza Santos swimwear,Edmilza Santos swimsuit

Aruba : Lucianette Verhoeks
Lucianette Verhoeks bikini,Lucianette Verhoeks swimwear,Lucianette Verhoeks swimsuit

Belgium : Laura Beyne
Laura Beyne bikini,Laura Beyne swimwear,Laura Beyne swimsuit

Cape Verde : Tirzah Evora
Tirzah Evora bikini,Tirzah Evora swimwear,Tirzah Evora swimsuit

Dominican Republic : Sally Aponte Tejada
Sally Aponte Tejada,Miss World Dominican Republic 2012

Ethiopia : Melkam Endale
Melkam Endale bikini,Melkam Endale swimwear,Melkam Endale swimsuit

Finland : Sabina Sarkka
Sabina Sarkka bikini,Sabina Sarkka swimwear,Sabina Sarkka swimsuit

France : Laury Thilleman
Laury Thilleman bikini,Laury Thilleman swimwear,Laury Thilleman swimsuit

Guatemala : Monique Georgette Aparicio
Monique Georgette Aparicio bikini,Monique Georgette Aparicio swimwear,Monique Georgette Aparicio swimsuit

Mauritius : Shalini Panchoo
Shalini Panchoo bikini,Shalini Panchoo swimwear,Shalini Panchoo swimsuit

Mexico : Mariana Berumen
Mariana Berumen bikini,Mariana Berumen swimwear,Mariana Berumen swimsuit

Peru : Giuliana Zevallos
Giuliana Zevallos bikini,Giuliana Zevallos swimwear,Giuliana Zevallos swimsuit

Portugal : Melanie Vincent
Melanie Vincent bikini,Melanie Vincent swimwear,Melanie Vincent swimsuit

Reunion : Emilie Maillot
Emilie Maillot bikini,Emilie Maillot swimwear,Emilie Maillot swimsuit

Russia : Elizaveta Golovanova
Elizaveta Golovanova bikini,Elizaveta Golovanova swimwear,Elizaveta Golovanova swimsuit

Serbia : Bojana Lecic
Bojana Lecic bikini,Bojana Lecic swimwear,Bojana Lecic swimsuit

Spain : Aranzazu Estevez Godoy
Aranzazu Estevez Godoy bikini,Aranzazu Estevez Godoy swimwear,Aranzazu Estevez Godoy swimsuit

Venezuela : Gabriela Ferrari
Gabriela Ferrari bikini,Gabriela Ferrari swimwear,Gabriela Ferrari swimsuit

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