Oct 2011

Monica Restrepo: Miss World Colombia 2011

Andrea Monica Restrepo : Miss World Colombia 2011 (Miss Mundo Colombia 2011) (Miss Colombia 2011) (Miss World 2011 contestant)

monica  mestrepo,miss mundo colombia 2011

21 years old Andrea Monica Restrepo has been named as the grand winner of Miss Mundo Colombia 2011 beauty contest on the 18th of August, 2011 in the college William Shakespeare Theatre Anglo Colombiano in the city of Bogota DC.

Monica will represent Colombia in the world’s most prestigious beauty contest “the Miss World 2011″ in London, UK on 6 November.

Monica beat out 27 other beauties contestants. Competition was much tough because all contestants were much smart and beautiful. But after a great event Monica won the title Miss Mundo Colombia 2011. Monica really looks good and awesome deserving the title.

miss colombia 2011 winner monica

Monica Restrepo’s Profile & Photo Gallery :

NAME Andrea Monica Restrepo
AGE 21 years
HEIGHT 174 cm
COUNTRY Colombia
LANGUAGES Spanish & English
ACADEMIC BACKGROUND In fifth semester of Art and Psychology
HOBBIES swimming, art contemporary dance and painting
AMBITIONS To be a curator of a museum.
PROUDEST MOMENT visiting the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City
PERSONAL MOTTO “It is very easy to help others” – you do not have to be a beauty queen or entrepreneur, famous, rich or fill a specific profile. We can all help, not only with material possessions but by listening to someone’s problems. With love and a smile we can change the world.
FAVOURITE FOOD Mexican (Spicy)
FAVOURITE MUSIC Rock bands: Guns & Roses, Kiss, Poison, AC/DC, ZZ Top
FAVOURITE BOOKS Art history books
AWARDS Miss Mundo Colombia 2011, Most Beautiful Hair award


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