Sep 2011

Midori Tanaka: MIss World Japan 2011

Midori Tanaka | MIss World Japan 2011

Midori Tanaka has been crowned Miss World Japan 2011. She will represent Japan in Miss World 2011 in London On 6th November.

miss world japan 2011 winner

Midori Tanaka’s profile & Photo Gallery :

NAME : Midori Tanaka
AGE : 22 years
HEIGHT : 170 cm
HOME TOWN : Okayama
LANGUAGES : Japanese & English
HOBBIES : Reading, Photography and Hiking
PROFESSION : a Model and TV presenter
FAVOURITE FOOD : Japanese food, especially Sushi
FAVOURITE BOOKS : ‘Neverland’ by a Japanese author
FAVOURITE MUSIC : Classical Music: Chopin and Nocturne
SPECIAL TALENTS : Play the Japanese Tsugaru-Jamisen(traditional
Japanese three-stringed instrument)
AMBITION : to convey the Japanese culture and tradition
PERSONAL MOTTO : Trust other people but trust yourself more.
CROWNED : Miss World Japan 2011



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