Sep 2011

Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares: Miss World Venezuela 2010

Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares | Miss World Venezuela 2010

Venezuela has its Miss World representative, and she is Ivian Sarcos, crowned Miss World Venezuela 2010 on October 28, 2010. Miss Venezuela 2010, the 58th Miss Venezuela pageant, was held in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

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Ivian Sarcos will represent Venezuela in the 2011 Miss World Pageant.

Ivian Sarcos’s Profile:
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NAME : Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares
BIRTH DATE : July 26, 1989
AGE : 21 years
HOME TOWN : Ospino, Portuguesa
COUNTRY : Venezuela
EDUCATION : Studies Diplomacy
HEIGHT : 179 cm
CROWNED : Miss Amazonas 2010, Miss World Venezuela 2010

Ivian Sarco’s Photo Gallery:

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