Dec 2012

Ruth Jennifer Ondo Mouchita : Miss Gabon 2013

The Gabonese beauty Ruth Jennifer Ondo Mouchita has been crowned Miss Gabon 2013 by Marie Noelle Ada (Miss Gabon 2012) at the City of Democracy Hall in Libreville on a grand coronation night of Saturday, 22nd December, 2012.

Jennifer Ondo,Ruth Jennifer Ondo Mouchita,Miss Gabon 2013

Jennifer Ondo Mouchita will paint her country as Miss Universe Gabon 2013 at the 62nd edition of Miss Universe beauty contest where Olivia Culpo (Miss Universe 2012 winner) will crown her successor

Ruth Jennifer Ondo Mouchita’s Biography & Photo Gallery :

Miss Universe Gabon 2013

Ruth Jennifer Ondo Mouchita’s birth year is 1992 and birth place is Haut-Ogooue Province, Gabon. Jennifer is 20 years old and 181 cm told.
Miss Gabon

Jennifer Ondo in Bikini

Miss Gabon 2013 Finalists :

Brunilla Novela Ekoumbi Moussadingou,Hilary Ondo,Reilly Darniche Mboumba Makaya

Brunilla Novela Ekoumbi Moussadingou has won the First Runner-up Miss Gabon 2013 title. She will represent Gabon at the Miss World 2013 beauty contest. Vanessa Lemani from Franceville has won the Miss Earth Gabon 2013 title and she will paint Gabon at the Miss Earth 2013 beauty contest. While Reilly Darniche Mboumba Makaya has won the Miss International Gabon 2013 title and she will represent Gabon at the Miss International 2013 beauty contest. Hilary Ondo from Woleu-Ntem has won the Miss Supranational Gabon 2013 title and she will represent her country at the Miss Supranational 2013. While Filiane Koundi from Ogooue-Lolo has won the Miss University Africa Gabon 2013 title.

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