Dec 2011

Marcelina Zawadzka : Miss Universe Poland 2012

Miss Polonia 2011,Marcelina Zawadzka

During the 36th edition of Miss Polonia beauty pageant, Marcelina Zawadzka has been crowned Miss Polonia 2011 by Rozalia Mancewicz (Miss Polonia 2010) on Friday night 9th December 2011 at the Center for Folklore “Matecznik – Mazowsze” in Otrebusy near Warsaw.


Rozalia Mancewicz,Miss Polonia 2010

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miss polonia 2011 winner pics

miss polonia 2011 winners photos

Miss Universe Poland 2012

Marcelina Zawadzka will represent Poland in Miss Universe 2012 which will be held at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on Wednesday night of 19th December, 2012.

Anne Krupa,Marcela Chmielowska

The First runner-up is Anne Krupa and she will represent Poland in Miss Earth 2012, the 12th edition of the Miss Earth which is scheduled to be held at Coral Theater in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam in December, 2012. While the Second runner-up is Marcela Chmielowska and she will represent Poland in Miss International 2012 in November 2012 in Tokyo, Japan.

Marcelina Zawadzka has received many valuable prizes like Chevrolet Spark, a set of diamond earrings laureatce and Italian brand Roncato – a set of luggage. The beauty of the new Miss Polonia 2011 Clarena took care brand, which was funded by an annual care and cosmetics inthe salon. Miss also received a voucher for treatments at the renowned Clinic La Perla. The winner will also be able to return to Czorsztyn, which for a week’s stay hotel management invited her King Wellness.

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Marcelina Zawadzka's biography

Marcelina Zawadzka’s birth date is 25th January, 1989. She is 23 years old and 180 cm told. Her vital statistics in inches 36-35-36. Her Eye color is Blue and her Hair color is Dark Blonde. Her home town is Malbork, Poland. She is a Model.

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    Did you hear about when Miss Poland was told to Blowup a Car? She burned Her Lips on the Exhaust Pipe! Did you hear about the Polish Ice Hockey Team Miss Poland almost played For? They all drowned during their Spring Training Session! Did you hear about the Polish Helicopter accident? The Pilot Miss Poland was cold so She turned off the Fan!

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