Mar 2012

Elizaveta Golovanova : Miss Russia 2012

A Russian beauty Elizaveta Golovanova has been crowned Miss Russia 2012 by Natalya Gantimurova (Miss Russia 2011) at the Barvikha Luxury Village Concert Hall in Moscow, Russia on 3rd March, 2012. Miss Russia 2012 beauty pageant is the 20th edition of Miss Russia beauty pageant.

Elizaveta Golovanova,Miss Russia 2012 Winner

Мис Русия 2012

Miss Universe Russia 2012

Elizaveta won a tiara worth 1 million $ which is the most valuable in any beauty contest all over the world. She also received a $ 1,00,000 grant to study any college. Ivian Sarcos (Miss World 2011 Winner) who was a special guest at the Miss Russia 2012.

Natalya Gantimurova,Ivian Sarcos

Elizaveta Golovanova will represent Russia in Miss World 2012 in Ordos, Inner Mongolia on 18th August, 2012 and also will paint her country in Miss Universe 2012 on December, 2012.

miss world russia 2012,miss universe russia 2012

Elizaveta Golovanova says (in her own words), “A huge global problem is that most people are very scared of being themselves. I think we should be more open to each other and try to be sincere.”

Miss Russia 2012 Semifinalists :

Kristina Gontar,Alena Shiskova

Elizaveta Golovanova (Smolensk) has won the Miss Russia 2012 award. Kristina Gontar (Zheleznodorozhny ) has won the First Runner-up title and Alena Shiskova (Tyumen) has won the Second Runner-up title.

Elizaveta Golovanova’s Profile & Photo Gallery :

Elizaveta Golovanova's biography

Elizaveta Golovanova is 19 years old and 178 cm told. Her home town is Smolensk Region, Russia. She is studying Law at the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering. She likes cooking, Traveling and playing the Piano. Her personal Motto is “Live in such a way to never see shame in your father’s eyes and tears in your mother’s eyes.”

Elizaveta Golovanova in Bikini

Elizaveta Golovanova's hot swimwear pics,Elizaveta Golovanova's hot swimsuit pics

Elizaveta Golovanova's image

Мис Русия 2012

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