Apr 2012

Elizabeta Burg : Miss Universe Croatia 2012

Elizabeta Burg has been crowned Miss Universe Hrvatske 2012 at the grand finale of Miss Universe Hrvatske 2012, at the Crystal Ballroom of the Westin Hotel in Zagreb on Sunday night, 1st April, 2012.

Miss Universe Hrvatske 2012

Elizabeta will represent Croatia in Miss Universe 2012 which is the 61st edition of Miss Universe beauty contest which will be held at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on Wednesday night of 19th December, 2012.

Miss Hrvatske 2012

Miss Universe Croatia 2012

Elizabeta Burg says (in her own words), “One of the biggest problems facing the world today is the division of the rich and the poor. I think we should all be more considerate of one another.”

Miss Hrvatske 2012 Semifinalists :

Dorotea Zoric,Monica Mrvelj

Elizabeta Burg has won the Miss Universe Hrvatske 2012 award. Monica Mrvelj has won the First Runner-up title and Dorotea Zoric has won the Second Runner-up title.

Elizabeta Burg’s Profile & Photo Gallery :

Elizabeta Burg's biography

Elizabeta Burg is 19 years old and 178 cm told. Her home town is Vrbanja, Croatia. She knows Croation, English and German languages. Elezaeta is currently studying Economics and Management at Zagreb School of Economics and Management in Croatia. Her hobbies are Playing Volleyball, Horsebasck riding and Reading.

Elizabeta Burg in Bikini

representative of Croatia in miss universe

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