Nov 2012

Delia Duca : Miss Universe Romania 2012

Delia Duca has been crowned Miss Universe Romania 2012 by Larisa Popa (Miss Universe Romania 2011 Winner) at the grand finale of Miss Universe Romania 2012 beauty pageant which was held at the RIN Grand Hotel, Stars Hall, Vitan in Bucharest on Sunday coronation night of 4th November, 2012.

Delia Monica Duca,Miss Universe Romania 2012

Delia Duca will paint Romania at the 61st edition of Miss Universe beauty pageant which will be held at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, USA on 19th December, 2012.

Delia Duca was crowned Miss Universe Romania 2012 by Larisa Popa (Miss Universe Romania 2011 Winner).

Delia Duca’s Biography & Photo Gallery :

Delia Duca's profile

Delia Monica Duca is 26 year old and 180 cm told. Her hair color is Black. Her hometown is Bucharest. She has completed a degree in Computer Science and holds a Masters degree in algorithms and software. Delia Monica Duca participatedat Miss Globe International 2010 and where she has won the Miss Sympathy award and also placed in Top Thirteen semifinalists.

Delia Monica Duca in Bikini,Delia Monica Duca in Swimsuit

Delia Duca in Swimsuit,Delia Duca in Swimwear

Miss Universe Romania 2012 Winners :

Carmen Grosu,Nicoleta Cristina Nutu,John UP

Delia Monica Duca has won the Miss Universe Romania 2012 title, Carmen Grosu from Bucharest has won the First Runner-up title who is 19 years old, 22 years old Nicoleta Cristina Nutu from Bucharest has won the Second Runner-up title and 21 years old and from Constants John UP has won the Third Runner-up titel.

Doroftei Madalina has won the Miss Photogenic award, Diana Banya has won the Miss Congeniality award, Andreea Simona Untaru has won the Miss Popularity award and Oana Banciu has won the Press award.

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