Sep 2011

Alina Buchschacher: Miss Universe Switzerland 2012 Winner

The representative from Bern, Alina Buchschacher, Miss Bern has been crowned Miss Universe Switzerland 2012 in an event held in the city of Lugano on September 24. She will compete in the Miss Universe 2012 Beauty pageant which will be held at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on Wednesday night of 19th December, 2012.

Alina Buchschacher,Miss Universe Switzerland 2012

Miss Universe 2012, will be the 61st Miss Universe pageant. The 2012 Miss Universe pageant would be held in Panama, according to Trump Ocean’s Club project manager Roger Khafif.

Miss Switzerland 2011 locally known as Miss Schweiz Wahl 2011.

miss universe switzerland semifinalists,Julia Fluckiger,Ashley Balmer

Alina Buchschacher says (in her own words), ” I am taking this challenge with the goal to win; to have the chance to prove and show what qualities I can bring. I will work hard to be successful but at the end of the day, I want to live these 2 ½ weeks as the experience of a lifetime.”

Top 6 Semifinalists:

The first runner-up was Julia Fluckiger (Schaffhausen) and the second runner-up was Ashley Balmer (Zurich) while Alina Buchschacher was the winner of the Miss Switzerland 2012. The others are Lorenza Castella (Tessin), Giada Cattaneo (Fribourg), Cleo Heuss (Zurich).

Lorenza Castella ,Giada Cattaneo,Cleo Heuss

Alina said, “I never expected. I am looking forward to everything that comes now.”

Miss Schweiz Wahl 2011,Miss Bern,Miss Switzerland 2012

Alina sat with her exotic looks and naturalness. This owes Alina her mother who comes from Trinidad & Tobago. Alina is half Trinidadian and half Swiss because her mom is from Trinidad & Tobago and her father is Swiss. First Buchschacher phone after her triumph with her sister.

miss universe 2012 contestants, miss universe 2012

miss switzerland 2012 winner,miss universe switzerland 2012 winner

Alina Buchschacher’s Profile :

Alina Buchschacher is 21 years old and 171 cm told. Her home town is Berne, Switzerland. She knows Swiss German and English languages. She likes Horseback riding. Alina is a International Business student. Alina’s career ambition is to obtain her degree in Business Administration and eventually take over her father’s Real Estate business.

Alina’s Photo Gallery:


  Alina Buchschacher in bikini

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