Sep 2013

Mutya Datul wins Miss Supranational 2013

A beauty from Philippines, Mutya Datul has been crowned Miss Supranational 2013 by Ekaterina Buraya (Miss Supranational 2013 Winner) at the 5th edition of Miss Supranational beauty contest. Miss Supranational 2013 beauty contest took place at the Sport’s Palace of Minsk, Belarus on grand coronation night of Friday, 6th September, 2013. Ekaterina Buraya (Miss Supranational 2012 title winner) passed the crown to winner of the fifth title of Miss Supranational beauty contest.

Mutya Datul,Miss Supranational 2013

Mutya Datul’s Biography & Photo Gallery :

Mutya Johanna Datul

Mutya Datul is 21 years old and 173 cm told. Her hair color is Black and eye color is Brown. Mutya is a computer programming student. She likes art, crafts, singing and performing.

Mutya Datul in Bikini,Mutya Datul in Swimsuit

Miss Supranational 2013 Winners :

Miss Supranational 2013 Winners

Jacqueline Morales has won the First Runner-up Miss Supranational 2013 title. Miss Turkey Supranational, Leyla Kose has won the Second Runner-up Miss Supranational 2013 title. Miss Indonesia Supranational, Cok Krisnanda has won the Third Runner-up Miss Supranational 2013 title. Miss U.S. Virgin Islands Supranational, Esonica Veira has won the Fourth Runner-up Miss Supranational 2013 title.

Miss Supranational 2013 Special Awards :

Miss Supranational Philippines, Mutya Datul has won the Miss Personality special awards. Miss Supranational Sweden, Sally Lindgren has won the Miss Elegance title. Miss Supranational Macau, Sarah Leyshan has won the Miss Friendship award. Miss Supranational Myanmar, Khin Wint Wah has won the Miss Internet title. Miss Supranational Puerto Rico, Desiree Del Rio has won the Miss Photogenic special award. Miss Supranational Nicaragua, Alejandra Gross has won the Best National Costume title. Miss Supranational Moldova, Valeria Donu has won the Miss Top Model title and Miss Supranational Malaysia, Nancy Markus has won the Miss Talent special award.

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