Dec 2011

Lidia Avomo : Miss International Equatorial Guinea 2012

Lidia Avomo has been selected as Miss International Equatorial Guinea 2012 and she will represent Equatorial Guinea in the 52nd edition of Miss International 2012 beauty pageant which will be held in Okinawa, Japan on 21st October, 2012.

Lidia Avomo,Miss International Equatorial Guinea 2012

Lidia Avomo is winner of Miss Equatorial Guinea 2011. Miss Malabo, Constancia Memba is the First runner-up and Miss Centro Sur, Esperanza Consuelo Ndong is the Second runner-up.

Constancia Memba,Esperanza Consuelo Ndong

When asked if our country could participate in the upcoming Miss Universe competition, Judith said that Equatorial Guinea has not been so far in the election of Miss Universe. But, after mentioning that the last Miss Universe is an African, in particular the Angolan Leila Lopes da Costa Vieira, Judith believes that its victory has inspired. Therefore, the director of the international beauty has not crossed his arms, and has sent the request to participate so that our country competed in the Miss Universe competition next.

Miss Equatorial Guinea 2011

Lidia Avomo’s Profile & Photogallery:

NAME Lidia Avomo ela Namil
AGE 20 years
HEIGHT 176 cm
COUNTRY Equatorial Guinea
AWARDS Miss Equatorial Guinea 2011
NATIONAL AWARDS Miss International Equatorial Guinea 2012
NEXT MAJOR CONTEST Miss International 2012

Lidia Avomo in Bikini

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