Jul 2012

Destinee Dominique Arnold : Queen of the Jewel Miss Belize 2012-2013

Destinee Dominique Arnold has been crowned Queen of the Jewel Miss Belize 2012-2013 on Saturday night of 7th July, 2012. The First Runner-up is Maryam Abdul Qawiyy, while the Second Runner-up is Negrill Crawford.

Destinee Arnold

Destinee Arnold believes that at some point in our life we will fall down and make mistakes, but what matters is how we pick ourselves back up.

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BIRTH DATE 5th February, 1993
AGE 19 years
HOME TOWN Roaring Creek
EDUCATION student of 2nd year from California State University, Fullerton
PREVIOUS AWARD Miss Belize California 2012
NATIONAL AWARD Queen of the Jewel Miss Belize 2012-2013
AWARD Miss International Belize 2012
NEXT MAJOR CONTEST Miss International 2012

Destinee Dominique Arnold in Bikini

Destinee Dominique Arnold in Swimwear

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