Aug 2013

Nina Kos wins Miss Earth Slovenia 2013

Nina Kos has been crowned Miss Earth Slovenia 2013 by Anjeze Barbatovci at the Atlantis Water Park in Ljubljana’s BTC on Thursday night of 29th August, 2013.

Nina Kos will represent Slovenia at the 13th Edition of Miss Earth beauty pageant.

After winning title, Nina said,
It was very interesting. During socializing with finalists I met a lot of new people, girls are together become friends. now it is up to me to prove that I deserve this title. glad that I won. I am aware of the responsibilities that await me, global competition is close, preparation time will not be much, but I think that the duty created by this title, pleasant.

Nina Kos’s Biography & Photo Gallery :

Nina Kos-Miss Earth Slovenije 2013

Nina Kos is 21 years old. She is from Ljubjana. She is a student of the faculty of Maritime studies and Transport. She likes sportsand spends time with nature.

Nina Kos in Bikini

Miss Earth Slovenia 2013 Winners :

Sara Savnik and Vesna Prebiracevic were other runners-up beauty contestants. Sara Savnik has also won Miss Fashion title. Vesna Prebiracevic has won Miss Talent show and Alma Sistek has won Miss Internet title.

Miss Earth Slovenia 2013 Beauty Contestants :

Contestant No. : 1 Carmen Kralj, Contestant No : 2 Anita AJdinovic, Contestant No : 3 Vanja Knezevic Sosic, Contestant No : 4 Vesna Prebiracevic, Contestant No : 5 Kaja Strnisa, Contestant No : 6 Sara Savnik, Contestant No : 7 Anastazija Lavtar, Contestant No : 8 Lea Dolensek, Contestant No : 9 Spela Sojer, Contestant No : 10 Patricija Peklar, Contestant No : 11 Nina Kos, Contestant No : 12 Iris Avdic, Contestant No : 13 Alma Sistek

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