Apr 2013

Djoa Strasbourg wins Miss Earth Switzerland 2013 title

Djoa Strasbourg has been crowned Miss Earth Switzerland 2013 (Miss Earth Schweiz 2013) by Sara Lea Wittwer at the grand finale of Miss Earth Schweiz beauty contest at the TPC SF TV Studio Fernsehstrasse, Zurich on Sunday night of 7th April, 2013. Miss Earth Switzerland 2013 beauty contest’s theme is “Colors of Life”.

Djoa Strasbourg,Miss Earth Switzerland 2013,Miss Earth Schweiz 2013

Djoa Strasbourg will represent Switzerland at the 13th edition of Miss Earth beauty contest.

Miss Earth Schweiz 2013 Crowning Moment

Djoa Strasbourg’s Biography & Photo Gallery :

Djoa Strasbourg's Biography

Djoa Strasbourg is 20 years old. Her hometown is Zurich. Djoa believes, “The youth has the responsibility to preserve the environment, to maintain and prepare them for our posterity, because in the youth is the future”

Djoa Strasbourg From Zurich

Miss Earth Schweiz 2013 Result :

Galina Helbling,Yusmeiry Pittaluga,Nadia King

Galina Helbling : Djoa Strabourg : Yusmeiry Pittaluga : Nadia King

Djoa Strabourg has won the Miss Earth Schweiz 2013 title. 22 years old Nadia King from Zurich has won the Miss Earth Air Switzerland 2013 title. Nadia believes, “The youth is the future for our environment. Therefore, it is important to appreciate our environment and conserve so that they will stay with us for a long time.” 22 years old Galina Helbling from Zurich has won the Miss Earth Fire Switzerland 2013 title. Galina says, “The youth of today still has the opportunity the environment in which their children will live again, to make and to take responsibility for the management of natural resources.” 20 years old Yusmeiry Pittaluga from Ticino has won the Miss Earth Water Switzerland 2013 title. She says, “The youth of today should pay more respect for the environment and earth, because we are the big players of tomorrow. If we want to live in a better world and want to provide a secure future for our children, we all need to do something, even in small things, but what on earth do good.”

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