Sep 2012

Zerina Sirbegovic : Miss Earth BiH 2012

Zerina Sirbegovic has been crowned Miss Earth Bosnia and Herzegovina 2012 by outgoing beauty queen Aleksandra Kovacevic (Miss Earth BiH 2011) at the grand finale of Miss Earth BiH 2012 beauty pageant at the studio of TV Pink BiH on Saturday night of 22nd September, 2012. She also won the Miss Internet title.

Zerina Sirbegovic;Miss Earth BiH 2012

Zerina will paint her country in the 12th edition of Miss Earth beauty pageant which will be held now in Manila, Philippines on Saturday night of 24th November, 2012.

When asked Zerina Sirbegovic, “What environmental project will you create to promote the protection of Mother Earth and why?”

Zerina replied (in her own word), “I believe that small steps can make immense change and bring prosperity to the habitants of our planet. My first target would be education, especially the education of younger generations. My plan is to develop a special program for children in schools, and that they have at least one class in a week where they could work out plans to make their surroundings and the environment around them to look beautiful and to keep it beautiful as mother nature had given it to us. The next step would be the media, and letting people know that children are aware and that they are doing something for our planet so everyone else should dedicate themselves to it. In that project, there would be posters that would include a lot of messages to save the planet, then programs like “Life Without Plastic Bags”, “Recycle”, “Your Own Light”, “ Sustainable Energy for All”, etc. I am really enthusiastic, and I truly hope that these steps would do to make our future brighter and affect a lot of people to become conscious of their well being on this planet.”

Zerina Sirbegovic’s Profile & Photo Gallery :

Miss Earth Bosnia and Herzegovina 2012 Winner

Zerina Sirbegovic is 21 years old and 169 cm told. Her weight is 52 kg and her vital statistics in inches 36.8-25-35.6. Her home town is Srebrenik, Bosnia & Herzegovina. She is a Model.

Zerina Sirbegovic in Bikini

Zerina Sirbegovic in Bikini

Zerina Sirbegovic in Swimsuit

Zerina Sirbegovic in Swimwear

Miss Earth BiH 2012 Semifinalists :

Zerina Sirbegovic from Srebrenik has won the Miss Earth BIH 2012 award, Jovana Bilinac from East Sarajevo has won the First Runner-up (Miss Earth Air) title, Karsic from Sarajevo has won the Second Runner-up (Miss Earth Water) title and Tamara Mandzic, also from Sarajevo has won the Third Runner-up (Miss Earth Fire) title.

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