Dec 2011

Natalia Pereverzeva : Miss Earth Russia 2012

Krasa Rossii 2011

The “Krasa Rossii 2011” is the second largest national beauty contest after Miss Russia.


Daria Konovalova

A model and financier, Natalia Pereverzeva has been crowned Krasa Rossii 2011 by The winner of last year’s Russian Beauty pageant, Daria Konovalova, at the 17th annual Russian Beauty pageant which was held at Kosmos concert hall in Moscow on 30th November 2011.

Russian Beauty pageant

Natalia will represent Russia in Miss Earth 2012 beauty pageant which is scheduled to be held at the Versailles Palace in Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines on Saturday night of 24th November, 2012.

krasa rossii 2011 winner

Natalia advocates animals’ rights and is a vegetarian.

Miss Earth Russia 2012

Natalia said, “For all the honor of being Miss Russian Beauty, this title also imposes many obligations. I will probably give up my work as a financier for some time. It’s a bit too hard to combine my work in the Finance Ministry with taking part in endless shows and photo sessions. Besides, according to the rules, Miss Russian Beauty has to take part in multiple charity actions. And, of course, I am going to get ready for the Miss Earth beauty contest.”

When asked Natalia Pereverzeva, “What environmental project will you create to promote the protection of Mother Earth and why?”

She replied (in her own word), “Scientists connect ozone disappearance in the atmosphere with the emission of industrial chemicals. Production and use of them has almost completely stopped at the moment. It is a result of the signing at the convention about protection of the ozone layer 20 years ago. At last international community is becoming active and taking action and starting to patch it up. As far as I know, if all countries adhere to a plan of ozone layer protection, the earth will have a well preserved ozone in about 40-50 years, which will enable our children not to be afraid of the murderous ultraviolet radiation. So according to this convention all of us should just sit and wait till precious ozone restores? This is great, but there are interactive methods for its preservation. Some scientist for these purposes suggested creation of factories on ozone production and then delivering it to the atmosphere by planes. Another option is the creation of balloons equipped with lasers that have to be charged from the solar panels and use the oxygen for producing ozone. However, the most realistic solution in this situation is the reduction of deforestation and the increase of green plantations. And it is so easy! Even small children understand the importance of forests. But we wait when the great minds and powers will come to this conclusion. And while they are coming to it young and active people should take care of the earth.”

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Natalia Pereverzeva's biography

Natalia Pereverzeva is 23 years old and 177 cm told. Her weight is 50 kg and her vital ststistics in inches 35.6-24-35.6 Her Eye color is Grey-Green and her Hair color is Blond. Her hometown is Moscow, Russia. She is knows English and French languages. She is a Student of Financial Academy of the Russian Government. She is professionally a model. In past she has won the Miss Moscow 2010 title.

Beauty of Russia 2011

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