Jun 2012

Lea Sara Wittwer : Miss Earth Switzerland 2012

Lea Sara Wittwer has been crowned “Miss Earth Switzerland 2012″ by Irina De Giorgi (Miss Earth Switzerland 2011) at the spectacular beauty pageant Die Miss Earth Schweiz Wahl a glittering ceremony at the SF TV studio tpc in Zurich on Saturday night 2nd June, 2012.

Lea Sara,Miss Earth Switzerland 2012

Lea Sara Wittwer will represent Switzerland in Miss Earth beauty pageant, the 12th edition of the Miss Earth beauty contest which will be held in Manila, Philippines on Saturday night of 24th November, 2012 where Olga Alava (Miss Earth 2011 Winner) will crown her successor.

Lea Sara crowned Miss Earth Switzerland 2012 by Irina De Giorgi

When asked Lea Sara Wittwer, “What environmental project will you create to promote the protection of Mother Earth and why?”

Lea Sara replied (in her own word), “My project will be to rely on renewable energy and to convince those countries to find renewable energy alternatives to nuclear power and to prevent destruction of Mother Earth by stopping deforestation and promoting monoculture. We have to be able to live in happiness on this beautiful planet, and I want to be a role model for the youth to protect and save the planet. My personal goal is to help the hungry people. These people have nothing and I want to give them the chance to help themselves. So its,”Help people to help themselves.” This means that training in different places and creating jobs. My heart beats for others, and I want to help however possible!

Miss Earth Switzerland 2012 Winner

When asked Lea Sara Wittwer about environmental advocacy and why did you choose it, she replied, “I am for renewable energy and for the conservation of species. I want to stop forest clearing and save the countless tropical forests and rainforests and don’t go for monoculture. We can stand together instead of standing alone, together for tomorrow. Our Mother Earth is badly abused and we need to try to resolve and tackle all her problems together! It cannot go on like this. I want to use my strength for the needy people. It breaks my heart when little children starve, or go blind or die from diseases.”

Lea Sara Wittwer’s Profile:

Lea Sara Wittwer's biography

Lea Sara Wittwer’s zodiac sign is Virgo and her birth date is 15th September, 1991. She is 20 Year old and 165 cm told. Her hometown is Bern, Switzerland.

Lea Sara Wittwer in Bikini

Lea Sara Wittwer in Swimsuit

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