Mar 2012

Miss Earth 2012 Contestants

Miss Earth 2012 beauty pageant is the 12th edition of the Miss Earth beauty contest. The winner of Miss Earth 2012 will serve as the Ambassador to environmental protection campaigns worldwide.

Olga Alava Vargas : Miss Earth 2011 Winner

Olga Vargas Alava,Miss Earth 2011 winner

An Ecuadorian beauty, Olga Alava Vargas is the winner of Miss Earth 2011. Olga Alava will crown her successor at the end of the beauty contest.

Olga Vargas Alava in bikini,Olga Alava

Miss Earth 2012 Contestants

Brazil : Camila Brant

Camila Brant  Miss Earth Brazil 2012

Costa Rica : Mariela Aparicio

Mariela Aparicio  Miss Earth Costa Rica 2012

Ecuador : Estefani Chalco

Estefani Chalco,Miss World Latin America 2011  Miss Earth Ecuador 2012

El Salvador : Yaritza Rivera

Yaritza Rivera  Miss Earth El Salvador 2012

France : Alicia Sylvera Santos

Alicia Sylvera Santos  Miss Earth France 2012

Nicaragua : Braxis Alvarez

Braxis Alvarez  Miss Earth Nicaragua 2012

Russia : Natalia Pereverzeva

Natalia Pereverzeva  Miss Earth Russia 2012

Uruguay : Cynthia Kutscher

Cynthia Kutscher  Miss Earth Uruguay 2012

Venezuela : Osmariel Villalobos

Osmariel Villalobos  Miss Earth Venezuela 2012

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