Nov 2012

Carolyn Whitney Carter : Miss Earth U.S. Virgin Islands 2012

Carolyn Whitney Carter has been selected as Miss Earth U.S. Virgin Islands 2012. Carolyn will paint her islands at the 12th edition of Miss Earth beauty contest on 24th November, 2012 in Philippines.

Carolyn Whitney Carter,Miss Earth U.S. Virgin Islands 2012

Carolyn Whitney Carter’s Biography & Photo Gallery :

Carolyn Whitney is 22 year old and 170 cm told. Her weight is 47 kg and her vital measurements 32-24-34. Her hometown is Christiansted. Professionally, she is an Instructor and a Model. Carolyn has represented the U.S. Virgin Islands in Miss Supranational 2011 and Miss World 2010. She was also been Elite TOp Model Look Puerto Rico 2012 finalist.

Carolyn Whitney Carter in Swimsuit

Carolyn Whitney Carter in Bikini

When asked Carolyn Carter, What environmental project will you create to promote the protection of Mother Earth and why?

She replied (in her own word), “The environmental project that I have been committed to is creating a sustainable community garden. This project began at home with my family, where my passion for gardening originated through my grandmother’s love and knowledge of plants. This summer I invested time with our local community kids to build an organic, sustainable garden from scratch. Together we plowed the land, built raised garden beds, got donated topsoil from a farm, and planted the seeds of crops that will grow well in tropical climates. We invited a local organic farmer to guide us in sowing seeds, transplant tiny plants, planting in the beds, and harvesting. The children learned all the important steps in creating their own self-sustaining garden. Currently, I work with them to maintain the gardens, rotate crops, harvest, and give out samples to our community families. Learning to produce our own food is an important step for our community! The packaging waste, the nonrenewable energy used by transportation, and the unrecyclable materials left over from importing goods to our islands can all be reduced through food production in our own backyards using our sustainable resources, the sun and water! I believe this is the new direction our country is headed in effort to protect our environment and reestablish harmony between our people and nature.

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