Nov 2012

Brooke Maria Sherman : Miss Earth Bahamas 2012

Brooke Maria Sherman has been selected as Miss Earth Bahamas 2012 and as an official representative of Bahamas at the Miss Earth 2012 beauty pageant. Miss Earth 2012 beauty pageant will be held at the Versailles Palace in Alabang, Metro Manila, Philippines on Saturday night of 24th November, 2012

Brooke Maria Sherman,Miss Earth Bahamas 2012

Brooke Maria Sherman’s Biography & Photo Gallery :

Brooke Maria Sherman is 22 year old and 168 cm. Her weight is 54 kg and her vital statistics in inches 34-26-36. Her hometown is Freeport, Bahamas. She completed her Bachelor degree in Tourism Management.

Brooke Maria Sherman in Bikini

Brooke Maria Sherman in Swimsuit

When asked Brooke Maria Sherman, What environmental project will you create to promote the protection of Mother Earth and why?

She replied (in her own world), “Water conservation and efficient use of energy.”

When asked her, What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose it?

Brooke replied that My environmental advocacy is “Creating a culture of water preservation and conservation”. Coming from a country of many islands surrounded by water it’s easy to take for granted the abundance of this resource, and as a result many persons do not see the necessity in using proper water conservation practices. According to UNESCO, the world today is facing a resource management problem, whereby because of the practices of citizens throughout the world, water resources have been mismanaged. I feel as though one of the first steps in correcting this problem is making the citizens in my country aware of the fact that the survival of this industry is reliant on the value that we place on it, which is reflective in our lifestyles and practices. When water is wasted through leakages or inefficient practices, the effects are not just economic but environmental as well. Air pollution increases as a result of more energy being used to energize water plants through burning fossil fuels. Citizens can in turn be affected by this health- wise and economically as their water bills would reflect their practices. The current abundance of this resource should not be taken for granted, because the effects of inefficient preservation and conservation practices affect entire communities.

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