Nov 2011

Miss Earth Australia 2011 winner

Miss Earth Australia 2011 was crowned in an event held at the University of South Wales on Friday night, 4th November, 2011 and the winner was 20 years old Deedee Zibara. Deedee will represent Australia in Miss Earth 2011 on November 4, 2011 at Manila, Philippines.

Miss Earth Australia 2011 Winner :

Deedee Zibara (NSW Australia): MISS Earth Australia 2011 WINNER
Deedee Zibara,miss earth australia 2011

Miss Earth Australia 2011 Runners up :

Charlotte Mastin (Scone, NSW) : MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA AIR 2011
Charlotte Mastin,miss earth australia air 2011  CharlotteMastin

Samantha King (Melbourne VIC) : MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA WATER 2011
Samantha King,miss earth australia water 2011  SamanthaKing

Lorelee Prentice (Glenfield NSW) : MISS EARTH AUSTRALIA FIRE 2011
Lorelee Prentice,miss earth australia fire 2011  LoreleePrentice

Miss Earth Australia 2011 Special Awards :

Deedee Zibara (West Ryde NSW Australia) : BEST IN SWIMSUIT

Jenna Seymour (NSW Australia) : MISS PHOTOGENIC
Jenna Seymour,JennaSeymour

Charlotte Mastin (Scone, NSW) : BEST IN EVENING GOWN
Charlotte Mastin

Louise Keye (VIC Australia) : MISS FRIENDSHIP
Louise Keye,LouiseKeye

Elise Duncan,EliseDuncan

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