Feb 2013

Miss Germany 2013 Winner

Miss Lower Saxony, Caroline Noeding has been crowned Miss Germany 2013 at the grand finale of Miss Germany beauty contest at the Europa Park in Rust on Saturday night of 23rd February, 2013. Caroline gets honour of the most beautiful woman in Hannover, Germany. 24 beauty contestants competed for the title Miss Germany 2013.

Caroline Noeding,Miss Germany 2013

Caronline Noeding Germany will represent Germany at the “Miss Europe”.

Miss Germany 2013 Winner

Caroline said, “I wear the crown of Germany. I am happy and proud to my homeland with beauty and charm to be able to represent.”

Caroline Noeding’s Biography & Photo Gallery :

Caroline Noeding-Miss Niedersachsen

Miss Niedersachsen, Caroline Noeding is 21 years old. Caroline’s eye color is Blue-gray and hair color is Blond. She is from Hanover. She is a student of Spanish and Maths. Caroline likes Singing, Dancing, Tango, playing the Piano, Philosophy, Maths, French and Handicrafts.

Caroline Noeding in Bikini,Caroline Noeding in Swimsuit

Miss Lower Saxony

Miss Germany 2013 Winners :

Miss Germany 2013 Winners

Miss Germany,Caroline Noeding

Caroline Noeding has won the Miss Germany 2013 title.

Jule Antea Walkowiak

17 years old and a student, Miss Hamburg, Jule Antea Walkowiak has won the Vice Miss Germanyt 2013 title.

Sifa Cakarer

Miss Northern Germany, Sifa Cakarer has won the Third Miss Germany 2013 title who is also 17 years old and a student.

Miss Germany 2013 Winner’s Prize package :

Caroline Noeding received a Crown, a Car Alfa Romeo Giulietta , clothes, Jewelery and a trip of 7 day with Condor flight to Cyprus Aldiana, professional photo shoot with Filipe Ribeiro, one case of Titanium and many more.

While Vice and the Third Miss Germany 2013 title winner received a professional photo shoot with Filipe Ribeiro, a trip to the Island of Borkum and 7-day winning travel with Condor flight to Cyprus Aldiana.

Miss Germany 2013 Judges Panel :

The beauty contestants judged by Axel Schulz (an ex-boxer), Reiner Calmund (the former soccer manager), Stefan Mross (the TV presenter and Singer) and Werner Mang (the Plastic Surgeon).

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